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Bart & Jody Ascension Movies


Welcome to our Movies Page! 

We are very happy to be sharing our Ascension Comedy Movie creations with you all.   

We will be adding new Movies to this page as they are ready for you to watch.




Please be aware of the mature content notices on each movie as some movies contain Mature Themes,

Strong Coarse Language, Aggression and Sexual References and are not suitable for viewers

under the age of 15.



By watching any of the videos here on our channel, you are agreeing to NOT download or copy the videos in any way or form. All videos are owned by Bart Christy & Jody Christy.  

***It is illegal to make a copy of any of these videos in any form which includes screen capture video and picture.

Do not download or redistribute these videos without permission from Bart Christy & Jody Christy.


We have made movies and videos since 2001 for the purpose of assisting people with their Ascension.

All of our movies are very funny comedies and sometimes also have a touch of seriousness. We focus on comedy mainly because it helps you to laugh with joy at the illusion of the Ego instead of believing it, allowing yourself to release some suppression and rigidity which leads to more clarity and flow of joy in your life.

Our comedy movies are intended to blatantly reveal the illusion and humorous reality of the Ego and cultivated individual identities.  Everyone that have seen these movies and everyone, including ourselves, that have participated in making these movies have had amazing moments of love, joy, transformation and awakening insights that is ongoing.

These movies continue to give us love, joy and awakening as we remember the characters, their Ego identities, and their hilarious stories. As you awaken you naturally find the Ego very funny and these videos and movies are perfect for that.

The Humorous Demonstration of the Ego in our movies is to assist you to Observe and Understand our

Ascension Guidance of the Ego Programs of Survive & Die, Lust & Hate, Win & Lose/Victory & Victim, 

and to remember as the Infinite Being Of Love that we are, we chose to have these experiences.  

You can gain a great amount of wisdom and understanding of how the Ego works which will assist you with embracing the Ego and remembering you are the Infinite Being of Love that chose to experience the wonderful illusions of Ego.  


You can use these movies to show you what Ego individual identities you have believed in.

Try to relate to all the characters in some way, to gain some insight into yourself and then you can find the love, humour and wisdom now knowing what it feels like to experience the Ego which naturally brings integration.


The Ascension Comedy Movies are Transformational Performance.

This means they are a very personal transformational experience for the actors involved and also for the viewer.

It is an amazing process to go through from the beginning to the end when participating as an actor in these movies, as each character portrayed is a type of Ego Individual Identity that is specifically designed, guided and directed by us,

Bart & Jody, for the actor to portray for their awakening.  We then discuss with the actors, as to how it would benefit them to perform their character for the purposes of Ascension for themselves and the viewer.  

When making our movies, we decide whether to write a script or make it improvised, it all depends on what is best for the actors, story line and the characters.  In most of our movies no script is written for the entire performance, they are an unscripted and completely improvised performance and have no language restictions so the actors can swear as much as they like or not like and be as creative as much as they like with their character's Ego Identity. 

***Watching our movies can be a highly transformational experience if you allow yourself to recognise how amazingly funny we have been in our choices of illusion and love it, embrace it and know you are ready to live consciously as an amazing awakened being of love!!


So sit back, relax, and enjoy these movies and have a


Please Comment ~ We'd love you to share your experience of watching our movies. Thank you! 



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