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September 28, 2017

Perception and Perspective


The meaning of perception:

The way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.


The meaning of perspective:

A particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.


Both these meanings clearly describe that perception and perspective come from your own choices and not necessarily the complete truth.


So what is the complete truth and how can we know it?


It is easy, only when you have the perception and perspective of knowing all is love, that you and all are an infinite being of love, the creator of your entire reality, are you experiencing the reality of truth. 


Ask yourself this question and contemplate your answer: 

Why do you choose to have other perceptions or perspectives other than love?


Is it simply because you enjoy it?

Is it because you are choosing to have a false perception or perspective?

Is it because you are believing you are a victim?

Is it because you are believing you must win?

Is it because you are afraid of surviving?

Is it because you are afraid to love or desperate for love?

Is it because you do not want to remember the infinite love you are?

Is it because you want to blame others for your creation?

Is it because you love denying how completely powerful you are?


There is no right or wrong in your answers, there is only a choice.  


The choice to see and know that all is love, brings complete joy, harmony, abundance.


The choice of believing the illusions of false perceptions and perspectives that you are limited and powerless brings disharmony, destruction and unhappiness.  This is the choice of living with what can be called Ego perceptions and perspectives which all relate to limitation and separation on some level.  Anything the Ego choice ever decides will only ever result in temporary “good” times and then it will create painful experiences.


The most amazing truth is, that you can change your perception and perspectives at any moment you want to, its up to you and what you prefer, Ego or Love.


Love Bart & Jody


Remember YOU ARE LOVE.  Awakening is a natural beautiful transformational experience with love as your complete focus.  We love you all so much and are here to assist you in this pure awakening.  

Come and enjoy our guidance & nurturing, everything you need to know about Ascension and Twin Flame Reunion.  We love you and are here to assist the Ascension of Humanity.






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