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March 15, 2017


You cannot awaken to your real self unless you understand the Ego.  Imagine yourself as a beautiful completely loving, glowing sparkling golden light being, this is the real you.  Now imagine this golden light being raving on with Ego programs and emotional responses, tactics and manipulations that stem from, survive and die, lust and hate, victim and victory.  How does it look when you see it coming from the golden light being?  Of course it seems ridiculous and laughable to be raving with these programs and feeling the emotions of Ego perception when you can see it is a loving golden light being, it seems to be the opposite of what a loving being would be saying.  In fact it IS the opposite, it is what we call, “reversed perception” of the Ego.  


Once you can see yourself as you really are, the loving golden light being and realise the illusions of the Ego, you can embrace it knowing that you as this pure being of love is choosing it and knows it is not real, but is enjoying the experience just to feel the illusion and then you will find it amusing instead.  Then you can embrace the Ego, seeing it as just a chosen experience and differentiate between what is the real you: AN INFINITE SPARKLING LOVING GOLDEN LIGHT BEING and not A LIMITED RAVING LYING VICTIM WITH SEPARATION PERCEPTION & INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY.  


So in seeing the difference, you can now awaken and remember who you really are, which has always been the HIGHER PLAN for us all to awaken.  Then you will realise you are not EGO, you are LOVE and each time that you witness the Ego raving, you can say, “This is not who I am.  I am not the Ego.  This Ego perception is a lie, it is only what I have chosen as a false perception of my reality.  I chose the Ego perception and I have created a brilliant illusion and now I choose to awaken to remember who I really am, infinite love, creator of my reality.”


See and feel yourself as this beautiful sparkling loving golden light being, being here now, enjoying this reality and witness the Ego voice and perception with love realising it is just a perfect wonderful illusion of untrue thoughts or ideas we have chosen to feel and experience.  


Doing this is the beginning of the plan of ending our Ego choices and as you go on in this way, embracing and embracing and embracing over and over, all of the Ego tantrums of trying to convince you it is real, you will complete it and then you will feel the most beautiful love, the infinite love that you are and a new experience begins, being here, loving here in complete love and joy. You will see your reality here in this beautiful physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and ethereal experience on Earth is beyond any limitation and that you can live in complete abundance of love, engaging with others who are part of this ONE SOUL in a whole new awakened reality of love and joy.  Wherever you are in this knowing, your world will become of this frequency and loving vibration. 


Our Ego has been so precious to us, we have loved the experience so much! It is a most beautiful experience to our real self, the unlimited being of love.  Of course it is, we chose it from love to experience love on these levels, as painful as it has been, this is what we wanted and as you awaken you will continue to understand this with more and more clarity and recognition.  

Loving our Ego and remembering how beautiful this choice is and has been, is a most fulfilling experience of our Ascension, embracing it all into completion.  So remember each time you recognise another untruth of your Ego, remind yourself just how precious it is and has been to you and say, "Ego is Beautiful and has been so precious to me.  Now I choose to remember the Infinite Loving Sparkling Golden Light Being that I Am." 




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