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March 4, 2017

YES IT IS!  ….  But, if you could have permanent happiness, would you miss the drama?

If you were guided with the absolute truth that all you needed to do was apply it in your life to have complete happiness, would you apply it? “Yes,” you say, but really is it yes?


Here is the simple truth that brings completion to all ego drama i.e. temporary highs and lows, blame, victim, disappointment, frustration, lack, limitation, separation, pain, tired from all the drama etc. Read it and as you do observe whether you really want to completely choose to awaken to this truth or do you feel resistance, denial or confusion which are all ways the Ego chooses to continue the drama.

Remember you are a 100% being of infinite love and the creator of your reality, all of it. 

Not just what you want to create, but also what has been in your life so far, what is now and every moment of your existence.  This is huge to fathom completely with total conscious awareness in every moment, but if you begin to decide to remember, it gets clearer and easier to know and realise this is the real truth. 

Own this truth completely by applying it to every moment of your life in every experience, especially when you feel you want real happiness and fulfillment. 

Say, “I am love and the creator of my reality.  I own this experience knowing that I wanted it and know I can also change this experience through realising I did create it and consciously choose a new experience with love.”


Recognise Ego is all experiences related to the false perception of limitation and separation which results in the basic programs of survive and die, lust and hate, victim and victory, win and lose.  Contemplate how you choose to experience these programs and how your Ego falsely believes this is happiness.  Contemplate how none of these experiences ever result in permanent happiness. 

Embrace this Ego, knowing only you chose it to know what it feels like, it has not been forced upon you, only you choose to believe it. It is the way the unlimited being you are, chooses to explore being limited. Love the Ego, don’t try to “get rid of it” or blame it, love it for the adventure it is.

Realise you love the entertainment of drama engagement (Ego) and know only you have created it with your choices and soul agreements.  Feel the gratitude for all of your creations and soul agreements.

Be willing to say yes to all of this truth. Live it passionately, because you want to remember your real self.  This is the journey home to the real love you are and results in a growing happiness that is only because of living this truth and eventually becomes permanent once you have completely embraced all your wonderful Ego adventure with love.  Thank everyone, for everything!

Trust your love, know you are love and that there is always a higher plan for you to remember who you are.  And know this: The Fact is, on the highest level of our being, we are always happy, happiness IS permanent, simply because we have chosen everything in our reality and we did this from love for love, whether we remember it or not.  Remembering this is the conscious recognition of our joy, our happiness enjoyed in all experiences whether conscious or not!

This happiness is the pure bliss of our existence as love.


Living the truth and awakening activates much physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing, renewal, moments of “Wow, have I really been that asleep?”  Yes you have!  And its all been a perfect part of your choice of experience.  It also activates your cellular memory for your Ascension, which is this process of awakening and also many amazing moments of loving bliss that continue to increase.

Embrace the transition of being asleep into being awake, from enjoying the drama, into enjoying the truth.  Be gentle and give yourself much loving encouragement through the process and be grateful for everything.

Each time you do choose to awaken, another layer of illusion is completed, you feel more clarity and you feel the true feeling of the inner joy and happiness of love that you are.  These moments continue to be part of your life and they will continue until you have completely awakened and once again live in complete happiness enjoying new soul agreements that give joy, inspiration and expansion in your life!


Is permanent happiness possible?  YES! Do you still want it after knowing the truth that is real happiness?  Are you ready to embrace all Ego?

Are you ready to apply the truth of the loving creator you are?


Whatever your answer, all is perfect love and that can never change.

The Higher Plan is always in action and it is perfect.


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