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Is There Bliss Beyond Ego?

February 26, 2017

Going through the process of witnessing the Ego and all of its illusions and choosing to embrace it with your love and knowing you chose it for the experience, can be daunting! You can feel like, “Will it ever end?”  The answer is yes it will!! But how will you ever get to know what it is like when it ends if you do not allow yourself the patience and love of understanding how the Ego works?  

Witness how Ego has manifested in your life, what you have believed to be real, how you have believed that Ego is the real perception of love and joy, how you have actually thought your Ego is truth, how Ego perception is a complete lie we have told ourselves just to have the experience and as you do this, you will be leading yourself into a whole new reality that is bliss that cannot be compared to the limited illusion of the Ego’s version of joy.  


The Ego is brilliant, of course it is, because we are all brilliant beings of love and we created it! So owning this creation becomes a huge task of embracing layer after layer after layer and many times you can feel like, “What is the point?  Ego feels endless!”  You feel like such a victim to how ingrained it is.  But if you truly want to know what is beyond Ego, don’t give up, give whatever it takes to see through these illusions and trust, TRUST, TRUST that, yes, there is bliss beyond Ego.  There is a whole other realm that we will live in, it is the awakened reality and love, bliss, fulfilment and abundance are within this realm beyond limitations, not temporary, not needing to seek it, but really HERE AND NOW in your reality.  You may feel like it is impossible many times to achieve this realm, but don’t give up if you want to, just keep awakening.  


The Ego will never comprehend this and will continue to do its job of doubting there is anything else, of course it does, because it is designed only to see and experience limitation and separation which is perfect!! Be amazed at how brilliant you are to have had the experience of Ego, what a genius illusion it is!! The more you awaken, the more you will see this!  


As you awaken you experience moments of this blissful realm, it feels amazing and then another layer of Ego needs to be resolved, don’t put exceptions or time limits on how long it should take, just enjoy the process of awakening. You will feel more boredom than you ever thought was possible during this process, because the Ego does not fulfil you anymore and that is a magnificent stage to be at, even though it can feel so hopeless, keep going!!  The Ego will try to drag you back into trying to find some kind of satisfaction and the more you awaken, the more this will feel disappointing and then Ego will try to grab this and say, “See, awakening only makes you miserable, come back to my perception, you just have to accept my way is the real way.”  Hahahaha!!! Laugh alot at this, even if you have to purge yourself into laughing, laugh and see through this brilliant con!! 


We will ALL finish with Ego and if you are one of the first ones to do it, great, you will be one of the first ones to return to the blissful realm.  No need to try to work it out what it will be like, you will feel it and you will know it and it is beautiful beyond compare, just simply trust your amazing choice to awaken and actually realise the illusion of the perfect Ego journey.  


Remember these are the 3 basic Ego programs to contemplate how you experience them in your life.

1. Survive & Die 

2. Lust & Hate 

3. Win & Lose Victim & Victory 

Love and embrace it all know you chose it and you are the creator of your reality, complete love!!


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