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Do You Know How Magnificent YOU are?

February 25, 2017

We love everyone and everyone’s journey is precious no matter what it is. We want you to know how magnificent you are and that is why we address Ego with complete awareness. Although many people choosing to guide others to awaken have good intentions, without truly understanding Ego, there is no real awakening.


If you are choosing to participate in “spiritual” retreats/workshops/classes/groups, ask your teacher/guru/whatever they want to call themselves, to explain the three basic programs of Ego: 

1. Survive & Die 

2. Lust & Hate 

3. Win & Lose Victim & Victory 

If they don’t know what you are talking about or cannot explain this to you with detailed understanding and how they interweave and interact within humanity and how the are the basis of forming your individual identity to experience limitation and separation, they do not know anything about real awakening.  

If they act superior and shut you down with something “spiritual” to avoid explaining this, they are not there to awaken you.  

If they attempt to explain in a “spiritual” parrot way, imitating someone else and are not living this awakening, they are seducing you and this is not awakening. 

The title of the “spiritual” retreat/workshop/class/group will usually expose the illusion of the event or intentions.


Of course this is not about judging others, all is perfect, but this is about choosing to really know that without understanding these 3 basic Ego programs, there is no real awakening.


If YOU don’t know about these Ego programs and you want to awaken, Ascend, be enlightened, then make it your priority to find out.  We have many seminars where we guide you to understand Ego and how to embrace and integrate it with love on our YouTube channel.


If YOU DO know about these Ego programs, then share them with everyone and enjoy assisting others to awaken.


If YOU DO know about these Ego programs, then share them with everyone and enjoy assisting others to awaken.


We want you to know how magnificently powerful you are, the creator of your reality, infinite love, this is enlightenment, we want you to have this, no crafted Spiritual Ego necessary, just pure truth!!!! 


It is easy to say we are love and use spiritual words alike, but how did we get to be so asleep and why is there still so much pain, limitation, poverty or the super rich, suffering, delusions, misguided truth, anxiety, desperation, depression, fear, fantasy, confusion, separation, struggle, winners and losers, victims and heroes etc in this world?  Watch our seminars and do our online courses and find real answers, guidance and integration to live in complete joy of enlightenment no matter who you are, where you have been and what you have done or you what have got or haven’t got, achieved or not achieved.  You will transform yourself and your world into bliss.  There is no right starting point of Ascension, awakening, enlightenment, there is only a choice you can make now.


Many versions/paths of the truth have been created and will all inevitably lead to the same conclusion “You are the creator of your reality” if they don’t lead to this then they are just another “Spiritual Fantasy” and are not about enlightenment. This is another reason why so many people give up on their “path”, I, Jody have seen this for the last 45 years, Bart for the last 20 years, because they get to a point where it is not making any of the changes they want in their life and is not entertaining them any more. After many years of this desire to awaken in ourselves we have seen it particularly happen when people feel “Ageing catching up” and they lose faith in their spirituality and feel disillusioned in the whole possibility of the existence of enlightenment altogether. Understanding the Ego Programs is absolutely essential. Spend some time on it and you will have an amazing insight into Why and How we arrived at the state of illusion in the first place. Realise how we became deluded and “ forgot that we are the creator” and you will find enlightenment. 


An old dogmatic saying is that “don’t listen to anyone that tells you there is only one path or that their way is the only way,” but what if it is the truth and you have finally discovered it? Do walk away because of an old dogmatic spiritual defensive uncommitted saying, I Jody, have heard this saying since I was a child, for over 50 years, I grew up around so called hippies and spiritual gatherings, communes, festivals, I had much exposure to this kind of talk, its old. I even used to say things like that, but the truth is the truth and there is only one truth and that is you are the creator of your reality, you are infinite love and I want you to feel and know this greatness, not look for a guru that doesn't command the truth, a guru that is wishy washy about an idea of the truth and that its okay if you don't believe it as truth. What we share is not about belief, or the only way, it is about the realisation of who you are. Use your great intelligent of knowing of who you are, your power, you are truly magnificent and that is the fact!! Ego is the denial of this fact! It has been a very deluded life we have lived in this denial and it has all been perfect, but now its time to awaken. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IS WHO WE ARE!!!


Love Bart & Jody


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