twin flames united in love


February 15, 2017

Every breath, every eye blink, every heart beat, everything we see, feel, hear, think, be, choose, ask, answer, speak, walk, talk, run, hope, miss, want, have, every tear drop, every ocean drop, every bird wing flap and butterfly flutter, every dog tail wag, every cow moo, every cloud, every star, every ray of light, every shadow, every footprint, every thought, feeling and experience, every cell in our body, every key, lock, button, stone, rock, mountain, stream, shop window, car rev, concrete footpath, the wind, rain, grass, trees, animals, sunshine, Earth, Moon, Universe, absolutely everything you are, you see and feel in your Universe, IS LOVE.


We can choose to know this, or we can choose to ignore it until we forget, but the truth is WE ARE LOVE ITSELF and nothing can exist unless it is CREATED FROM LOVE FOR LOVE.


We don’t have to try to ever be love, we just need to remember we ARE LOVE. To think anything is not of love is Ego perception, the forgotten choice to know what it feels like. Only an unlimited being can choose to experience the limited perception and this is what we have been doing and have explored the full range of Ego in all its amazing limitations and separation perceptions and the whole time, we have been choosing it, creating our reality enjoying believing the illusion. Of course Ego denies this, that is what is created to do, but when you are ready to remember, you do and you love and embrace the whole journey with complete joy.


Humanity is coming home now to remember who we are and firstly we begin to remember

WE ARE LOVE ITSELF, THE CREATOR OF OUR REALITY and all else will be a process of embracing and awakening to this truth. And everything we experience during this process is exactly what we want to experience and it has always been the Higher Plan to enjoy this awakening process.


Thank you for remembering and thank you for EVERYTHING!!

Love Bart & Jody


Come and find more of our guidance, everything you need to know about Ascension and Twin Flame Reunion. We love you and are here to assist the Ascension of Humanity.









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