with Bart & Jody

Hi Beautiful Ones!!

We want to let you all know about an AMAZING UNITY we have begun called Ascension Round Table Sessions or aka ARTS, where Bart & I continue with our Ascension guidance, allowing you to ask us questions and to share of your experiences of Ascension and Twin Flame Reunion. These sessions began in September 2016 and are held every fortnight via Skype video call or attending in person at our Studio.

They are brilliantly Awakening potent Ascension Acceleration sessions and are an absolute joy for those that are 100% committed to their Ascension. The beautiful love and complete support given to each other unconditionally during these sessions is astounding, it allows such pure, raw honest vulnerability, humility and a very special loving safe and free space to be real about everything and anything for the purpose of your Ascension and Twin Flame Reunion.


We have never experienced such DIVINE CONNECTIONS during a unity of hearts like these sessions before, they truly are exquisite, of a very high vibration and perfectly transformational, plus the JOY, FUN & LAUGHTER we all share is profoundly freeing and fulfilling! And the SUPER AWAKENING, personal insights and real joyful recognition of the love you are continues to expand in your conscious in the days afterward.



* ARTS allow you to have personal time with us to discuss this loving journey of awakening together and for you to ask any questions you have, share experiences of your awakening and to continue your transformation into your fully awakened beautiful being through our guidance and your choices. We feel this is essential for your next step in your Ascension and Twin Flame Reunion.

* These sessions are NOT recorded or available later, they are in real time, sharing in the NOW. We want you to feel completely free to express and allow the experience of integrating what we have already guided you with as well as moving to the next level that you are wanting and ready for.



We want to keep the unity completely aligned with pure 100% Ascension focus in ARTS and so we have some prerequisites for you to know about that are designed to prepare you for your participation.


1. Have watched at least one of our free YouTube videos on the many topics of Ascension on our channel BART & JODY TWIN FLAMES TV


2. You have participated in both our online courses:



These courses are an essential part of being ready to join ARTS as we discuss many of the topics from these courses. It is necessary to have the guidance, knowledge and understanding that you will only find in these courses to be able to understand the discussions in ARTS.


3. You feel ready to take more real steps in your Ascension and wish to receive more guidance from us, Bart & Jody. If you do feel ready to join ARTS, please let us know and then Bart & I will decide whether or not we feel you are ready to join in. We truly want more and more beautiful people to be ready for this, but we trust our heart to know when they are. It is very important to us that we keep the vibration in ARTS completely aligned with Ascension focus and continue to provide the very free environment where all can share naturally, easily and with full love and support from each other.


4. Feel 100% knowing that living Ascension is your choice in your life and this includes your Twin Flame Reunion. We know that choosing Ascension is a huge choice, because it means completely letting go of all Ego and this is a process to take very gently, patiently and lovingly. So please understand we do not expect you to have finished with Ego to join in ARTS, one of the main purposes of ARTS is to assist you in your embracing of Ego and understanding more about the Ascension process.


5. ARTS is a private event, not to create separation, but to create a loving support of those choosing to Ascend and to participate you need to be completely dedicated to respecting each other’s privacy and the space created together, lovingly giving to each other with the highest intention of love. What we share in the ARTS is to be highly respected and honoured with love and care for each other’s privacy. We choose to feel this love, understanding, patience and trust for each other in ARTS and this makes it possible to freely give honest sharing knowing we are completely respected in the many aspects of our journey of Ascension.


6. If you feel and we feel you are ready to join ARTS, we will have a quick Skype video call so that we can meet you in person if we haven’t already to make our final decision for you to join ARTS.



So if you feel in your heart that you are aligned with these prerequisites, then please email us and let us know how you feel and we can discuss it with you in more detail.



* You can participate in person or online via video Skype. We sit around the table with with you all and enjoy the spontaneous joyful moments of sharing.

* We have a screen showing those of you who are on Skype and you can see and talk with the people in the room with us.

* We feel it is vitally important at this stage on your journey to participate together, uniting, to know more about each other, to hear of each other’s experiences, questions and answers and to gain wisdom through this process. Also to simply enjoy the immense love we all feel about our awakening and THE ONE SOUL OF HUMANITY.

* Once you are ready to join ARTS, we encourage you to ATTEND EVERY SESSION as you will experience so much joy and support from each other all evolving together. If however you do not create to attend each time, it is perfectly okay to join in when you do create it.

* The payment to join in is $50 for each ARTS.

* ARTS is on every second Sunday 4.00pm Queensland, Australia time. Dates, payment links, time and all information for the following ARTS is given through a Facebook event each fortnight that you will be invited to.

* Each ARTS session average time is 3 hours (often longer because we are all enjoying it so much!).


We look forward very much to sharing in these AMAZING ASCENSION ROUND TABLE SESSIONS with you!! We love you all beyond words and it is our complete joy and our Ascending Soul Role to assist you in your Ascension and Twin Flame Reunion. Please feel free to send us a message if you have any other questions or inquiries about ARTS.



Those of you that have already joined ARTS, thank you, it is an honour and a priveldege to share with you. You are all truly amazing Ascending beings, we love you so much!

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Here are some viewers comments:

Rising Up Victory Quest Ep 1: "Haha! This was a lot of fun! I portray Player_1 and it was great to laugh at myself and the identity of this ego. I'm glad others have enjoyed it so much as well."

Jami ~ Australia



Prashant Arora ~ India

Rising Up Victory Quest Ep 1: "Haha.. really all act very brilliantly. INCREDIBLE..its entertaing, awakens anyone ❤️ Can identify the characters easily with their own ego’s. This can assist me to deal with my own perception of ego with incredible love and understanding. Waiting for further episodes. #NishaNarang#

u r just awesome.. i love u sooo much..My perfectionist ❤️ Bart and jody, Gina, Zappa, Player 1 u all are really awesome.. really!😍"

Himani ~ India

Patricia's Corner Ep 1: "Hahaha funniest ascension movie ever! I love it and laughed so hard. You guys are awesome. Love You."

Rhiannon Love ~ Australia 

Patricia's Corner Ep 1: "Haha! Yes so FUNNY  You both are so perfect in playing these characters!! Really profound! Since I watched the movie, I see myself playing out my characters even more clearly, and then I have to laugh! 😄 instant Love for my creation! I really Love how brilliant these movies are!!

Thank you  LOVE YOU."

Imka Puttemans ~ Belgium

Patricia's Corner: ❤❤ REALLY FUNNY! Thank you so much! So hilarious! 😁 And incredibly brilliant creation! I really can identify with both of these characters very easily. And I didn't realize it until after your video just how much I have still been identifying with my Ego's desire to be an overtly lusty vamp for winning and having victories! Thank you so much for assisting me to understand and laugh more about these layers of my own self so I can integrate them with understanding and LOVE! 😄 LOVE YOU! ❤❤

Julie Gabriel ~ California, USA

Patricia's Corner: "Awesome episode one. Very very funny, can't wait to see the next one. Great job guys!


Katie Sierra ~ Panama

"Patricia's Corner Ep 1 is absolutely hilarious!!! Wow I love this comedy SO MUCH!!  The characters are both so hilarious and you act them out brilliantly😁❤  Its outrageously FUNNY!!  It totally breaks so many concepts and moulds of what should happen on a TV show, so joyfully shocking and I love how this makes me see the ego in a new light.  I love how it helps me to see my identity by realising I have created this character called Claire just as the characters in the show are full on, so have I been!!  BRILLIANT!!!  Your humour as Twin Flames is so AWESOME!!  I can see your one soul in action totally complementing each other and working together as one to act this all out.  Its really hilariously magnificent!!  THANK YOU for sharing this SO MUCH.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍"

Claire Fullbright ~ Gold Coast, Australia

"Just watched first episode of Patricia's Corner. My face literally hurts from laughing and I still can't stop!!! It is Exceptionally Funny, Amazingly Enlightening and Profoundly Awakening !!  The Hilarious Portrayal of Ego's stupidity in blatantly obvious manner has helped me see and shatter layers of my own rigid perception in most JOYFUL WAY Ever!  I feel Integrated, my vision of my reality- my perception feels Clearer, cleaner and happiness is beaming out of me!!! I just can't stop laughing even now as I write this! It is Refreshing, Rejuvenating- The best Youthing treatment EVER!! It is, from the start to end, Hilariously Entertaining and AWAKENING- Brilliant Acting, Excellent Creation-  Simply GENIUS!!! Thank you Bart & Jody for creating ASCENSION COMEDY! Already looking forward to Episode 2! YAAAY!!!!❤"

Nisha Narang ~ India/Australia



Personally Trained by Bart & Jody

Find out how: HERE

Do You Want to be

Personally Trained by Bart & Jody

to Become an



If you feel it in your HEART that YES, you would like to become an I AM LOVE SESSION FACILITATOR, it is important to PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to READ EVERYTHING written here carefully to make sure you have understood all the information about what it involves.  If once you have thoroughly read everything and you feel you want to take the next steps necessary or you have any more questions or inquires, we welcome you

to email us to ask. 

49Light Session 1 Recording

Buy a ticket for Access to watch

for 7 Days from the date of your purchase.

Video length 2hrs & 24mins.

Once you have purchased a ticket we

then add your Youtube email to the video.

We will then send you an email to confirm

your purchase and 7 day viewing dates.

49Light Session 2 Recording

Buy a ticket for Access to watch

for 7 Days from the date of your purchase.

Video length 1 hour & 49 mins

Once you have purchased a ticket we

then add your Youtube email to the video.

We will then send you an email to confirm

your purchase and 7 day viewing dates.

49Light Session 3 Recording

Buy a ticket for Access to watch

for 7 Days from the date of your purchase.

Video length 1 hour 27 minutes.

Once you have purchased a ticket we

then add your Youtube email to the video.

We will then send you an email to confirm

your purchase and 7 day viewing dates.

For the first time in 11 years, we, Bart & Jody

once again “Merge” with the 49th Dimension and communicate the most loving enlightening knowledge within our existence. The 49th Dimension is the highest dimension in existence of the One Soul of Humanity. It is the final dimension of our conscious journey before we return to the Oneness of the Original Source of Love of which we all came from.


****Read on for more information and understanding of this extraordinary event…


Our Twin Flame Reunion 31st October 1998 sparked a massive awakening for us which was like an instant MIRACULOUS ENLIGHTENMENT which can only be described as the MEMORY of ALL TIME. We knew from the beginning of our reunion that it was our Twin Flame Soul Purpose and Divine Soul Agreement

to guide others to awaken to the

Love that is our true being.


In November 1999, we both felt a deep and profound calling from within that lead us to an awakening experience where we connected, "Merged" and communicated from a much higher dimensional source of light within ourselves. This source told us that the Light we were receiving was from the 49th Dimension which we now call 49Light. Bart & I discovered as Twin Flames, we were both the receiver and transmitter of this light and would each do this “Merging” as we call it. It is necessary to know that this is NOT channeling, when we are Merged with this 49Light we are completely present and conscious as we have shifted our dimensional focus and know that it is our self speaking from this higher consciousness that we are. When we are Merged we are aware that the 49Light can see everyone’s whole existence, knows and loves everyone intimately beyond time and space.


It was through this 49Light that we received and communicated an enormous amount of love and information about our entire existence in the Universe, what it is, what it has been and the huge awakening and paradise that is to be the future for humanity. For 5 years we held classes to share this knowledge, until we knew it was time to rest and integrate the huge and vast amount of awakening we received. It was truly a most loving, amazing, intensely activating, enlightening and awesome experience of which its value is beyond measure. All the knowledge within the seminars that we have on our Youtube channel are derived from this brilliant time and experience of our incredible awakening. Our music also contains the vibration

and messages from this dimension.




In January this year 2016, we once again felt the deep humble calling to Merge and re-connect with this consciousness for the next level of our Ascension. This 49Light has told us that it is now time for, what they call, the 2nd Wave of Ascension for Humanity which will lead to a complete Ascension and Peaceful Paradise on Earth with all Humanity living in harmonious love together as one.


And so it is with great joy that we announce our first public Merging session with the 49Light. We welcome you to come along and enjoy the most beautiful loving and exquisitely divine awakening and highly intelligent enlightening experience. It extraordinarily connects you with yourself on new inner levels and ever so gently, yet profoundly consciously activates the REAL, INTELLIGENT BEING of LOVE YOU ARE TO FULL AWAKEN. You can feel the highest and deepest new levels of self awareness and rising vibrations like never before. It is beyond amazing to truly feel and receive the presence of love from the 49Light. It is a must if you are ready to be involved in the magnificent

2nd Wave of Ascension of Humanity.



Please note there are 2 OPTIONS to

Receive this Experience.



** Please note: You will need your own

Youtube Account to watch this recording.

* Wherever you are you can be included. Even through watching the recording you will feel the powerful presence of this love of the 49Light.

* The knowledge communicated is highly evolved intelligence, spiritually profound and delivered with love beyond measure.

* The 49Light can see your whole existence, knows you and loves you intimately beyond time and space.

* Purchase a ticket to watch the recording of this very special event 49th Dimension Enlightenment.

* This ticket gives you access on our website to watch the Private Youtube recording for 1 week between the 13th March & 20th March 2016.

* Must be purchased by the 13th March 2016.


ONLINE Ticket $35

Buy Online Ticket


Watch here on our Website



13th March 2016 - 3.30pm to 6.30pm 

If you have the extraordinary opportunity to be in this presence in person, we highly recommend it.

* This experience will touch you within like nothing else, and will feel incredibly loving and awakening

on levels beyond your imagination.

* The knowledge received is highly evolved intelligence, spiritually profound and delivered

with love beyond measure.

* You will be able to ask very personal questions on absolutely anything you want.

* The 49Light can see your whole existence, knows you and loves you intimately beyond time and space.

* Must be purchased by the 12th March 2016. 


IN PERSON Ticket $60

Buy In Person Ticket



* Once you have purchased your ticket we will email you with the venue address in

Tallebudgera, Gold Coast Australia and details.

* Please note this is a vegan environment and we appreciate no leather clothing or consumption of animal derived food at the event. There will be herb tea and pure water available for refreshment.


We look forward with great joy to sharing the

49Light with you all.

We love you!! ♥ Thank you. 



16 EPISODES of Extensive

Higher Conscious Knowledge & Guidance 



Episode 1



Truly awaken to utilise your Pineal Gland and your natural

Super Power abilities on a whole new level of understanding.

PLUS MEDITATION - Brilliant awakening guided meditation with live music for activating your super powers and pineal gland. 


Episode 2


Oneness Consciousness & Integrating Individuality

Guidance on awakening conscioulsy your agelessness and the incredible power of the One Soul.

PLUS MEDITATION - Amazing and beautiful guided experiene to awakening your Elixir of Immortality as well as a beautiful live musical performance by Bart & Jody.


Episode 3 & 4 


New knowledge on Soul Rays like you have never before!

Awaken and discover your true Soul Ray Colour &

Unique Personality Traits that assist your

Ascension and Soul Purpose.  Incredible visual artwork created by Bart & Jody of the 13 Soul Rays that activate a deep core

connectoin to your Soul. 

PLUS MEDITATION - A visual delicacy of the 13 Soul Rays and activation of each Soul's Unique Rising Traits.  Bart plays beautiful live guitar while Jody's soothing voice guides you with love.


Episode 5



Amazing insights and deeply elablorated knowleldge from 

Bart & Jody that reveal powerful answers to

truth seeking questions on Ascension & Twin Flames.

PLUS MEDITATION - Guided bliss of aligning and dedicating yourself to Soul Ray Rising Attributes with beautiful live music.


Episodes 6, 7 & 8



In three very potent and enjoyable episodes, highly experienced united Twin Flames Bart & Jody give the most truthful and real explanations with specific directions on raising your frequency to be able to be united with your Twin Flame. 


Episode 9 & 10



Two episodes packed with amazing questions from awakening course participants with answers given in such a way from Bart & Jody to reveal and activate totally real and new levels of Ascension.

Episode 11 


Ever wondered what are Soul Fragments and their Soul Purpose

of existing?  This explicit episode will completely satisfy any

questions or curiosity you have.  Bart & Jody give their brilliant, clear understanding and experience that will awaken your heart knowing and assist in the integration of all Soul Fragments. 


Episode 12


The very senstive subject revealed through love and compassionate understanding of exactly what the Human Soul's evolutionary journey is through life, death and in-between life dimensions through to Ascension.  


Episode 13


Never before revealed detailed knowledge received by the

49th Dimension through Bart & Jody, how the Chakras relate

to our Ascension, a 7 Dimensional journey.  

This information is essential to your awakening and integration, especially relating to your Twin Flame.  

Episode 14


What is Social Consciousness and how does it inhibit your Ascension? Absolutely essential information that will have realising yourself on a whole new level of love and embrace. 


Episode 15


What is your Soul Role and how do you activate it and align

with your most divine, joyful giving purpose of your life?


Episode 16


Bart & Jody reveal with indepth explanation 

the 7 Steps of Integration that equal Ascension.  One of their most brilliant and awakening processes that brings you into

the highest levels of love, harmony, peace and joy.  



** Please note: You will need your own Youtube Account to watch this recording.


We look forward with great joy to sharing the 49Light with you all.

We love you!! ♥ Thank you. 



Some beautiful testimonials on the 49Light Experience. Thank you so much, it is pure joy to share the 49Light with you all.

We love you very much!! 


"Wow!! I just felt so grateful being in the presence of 49 light. When you are connected and speaking from that amazing loving space I felt very honoured to be there and hear all that you had to share. I love how the room instantly filled with so much golden light. I love seeing and feeling that. Your voices were a complete pure expression of love.
I felt my ego so much and I also loved how you showed in the most joyful way how funny the ego is. I went through so many feelings in such a short time. I felt like I was constantly seeing myself. I had so many thoughts and visions in my mind, that came and went so quickly, It felt so speeded up during this time. There were also a lot of moments when I just sat there looking and listening and thinking how deeply privileged I feel to be hearing the truth of my existence. I saw divine love and light. I loved it so much. I loved hearing both the feminine and the masculine side when you are connected to 49 light. It was a beautiful combination of so much love. Thank you for allowing me to ask questions so that I can understand more. My days since this experience have been fill with lots of contemplation of myself.
For this whole experience, I say a huge heartfelt Thankyou. My choice is to wake up and for me to be in your presence and hear you tell me the answers to my existence was so amazing.
I feel that words are not enough to say how I feel, but the gratitude I feel for you both is eternal.
Thank you for waking up an allowing yourselves to connect with this 49 light. You are giving such a beautiful gift in this awakening. You guys shine. You are such amazing loving beings.
From my heart, I love you deeply and eternally. THANK YOU.
Love Marg." - Australia


"What a difficult thing to describe the 49light!

I needed to listen to the recorded session many times as if it was calling me. The experience was very odd because I had never experienced anything similar. Jody´s and bart´s words and presence softly and slowly infiltrated me, filled me, got under my skin. They bypassed my mental and emotional system and reached me in a place I am not usually conscious of. It was not at all breathtaking or aha- bringing, or any kind of shaking understanding. it was much much deeper, deeper than emotions and insights and realizations. The talk had no structure and plan, it was simple, so simple, it was pure. Pure is the word. the wisdom had no bottom, no lines, no shape. Beautiful. "The nothing that is everything" kind of experience. I felt totally NAKED. I felt love gently finding ways to reach my cells. And the joy and humor was so authentic that we constantly laughed from the heart. What a safe and beautiful place. I am infinitely grateful.

  Humor that jokes about ourselves normally makes us laugh because it´s relieving to observe the ego and flirt with it . It is a kind of humility but still in a sort of defense mode in case the joke becomes too revealing or intimate. But Bart´s humor is pure humility because it erases the distance between the observer and the ego and you feel so free laughing because the ego is so pampered and loved that you have nothing to defend. 

Who else but Bart would have the ability to so sweetly and amazingly invent a word such as ”ascended heroes” to flirt with the spiritual ego´s ambitions. We laughed to tears in 49light." 

Daad - Sweden


"I watched the 49Light recording a couple of nights ago. It was a very different experience to have it playing in my lounge room other than actually sitting in with the group though In saying that I still felt like I was there. As I watched the screen I found myself drawn deeper and deeper into it and every now and then I would look around to see where I was and to contemplate where I am.

Over the years I have felt a lot of different things but underlying it all has been a very confused sense of self placement; where am I now?, where should I be now? what am I doing wrong? I have allowed a certain amount of acceptance but the confusion has been a consistent dampener on the choices I have made. Over the last couple of days, since watching the recording, I have felt a deep lightness filling my world to the point where even the darkness I see when I close my eyes has brightened. I now know that where I am in my life is not only perfect but absolutely exact and the excitement that I feel knowing that my awakening is absolute, knowing my journey is constant and in full motion, has triggered a fire of inspiration to follow the path I am creating for myself. One night of listening to the 49Light has clarified what feels like the last 30 years of my life and throughout the night itself I felt a solid alignment of the truth.

Everything the 49Light said pushed my understanding of truth into what feels like a straight line. I remember a lot of what you spoke to me about when I was last able listen to you but the truth that I remember has become tainted, twisted, obscured and at times difficult to fathom. During the recording I could see, I could understand and I could fathom what was being said. I squirmed at times and laughed as well but within that night I experienced such a clarity of reality that the whole world has become a new place that I can enjoy. There were so many moments that I could rave on about but the overall essence of my experience was like standing upon solid ground and embracing those powerful words; "Here I am."

I feel such a deep gratitude for you and the 49Light and I feel an excitement for life that is full and strong.

Thank you for your courage and dedication and loving gift of who you are.

Love Aaron" - Melbourne, Australia.


“49- Light.... I have experienced it twice by now and I am truly grateful for this wonderful soul agreement of Bart and Jody Christy with our one soul of humanity...I can truly say that every time the whole experience recalibrates me to a new level of awareness of my being
So what is difference between channeling and this merging 49 light thing!!! Since I don't do either, I can't really say what is the technical difference. However, from my experience I can say how the feel of both is different.
It's like when child asks for moon, mother while unable to give real moon, shows reflection of moon to the child in water and pretends it to be moon...both child and Mother are happy as child doesn't know the difference between real and reflection and Mother is happy simply seeing child happy..
To me 49 light is real moon and rest all is reflection- appear to be real, feel almost real but not really real....
And why do I feel so! What is so great about it!!! The fact is there is no dogmatic greatness to is simplicity at its finest...real wisdom flows in simple deeper insight to what is happening inside of feels my mind,body, thoughts, my whole existence is lighted and can be seen clearly in and by 49 light....I really feel inspired by these sessions as they inspire me to remember real me...and that is why 49 light is special very very special to me.”
Nisha - Australia/India


"The 49Light is the most beautiful experience I have ever been a part of. It feels incredible to watch Bart & Jody merge with this consciousness. I totally love seeing the beauty and high intelligence and amazing compassion and total understanding and love being shared - being in the room feels so deeply incredible. I absolutely love how its so pure, no show, no act, this is the real amazing higher consciousness we are and that feels pretty mind-blowing to me right now. How amazing it is to be able to talk with the love I am and we are. It feels like I am talking to the part of me that I forgot existed and the feeling of love I have when I start to remember it does exist, feels really extremely beautiful and at times overwhelming, yet completely awesome and raw at the same time. The humour and enjoyment of our journey just becomes so much clearer and how they say things is really, really deep and funny and all of a sudden I see more and more humour in my ego and that feels amazing and it helps me so much to differentiate my ego as the days pass after the event. Its so profound to connect with how I really have been enjoying my ego. To hear them say they will be here more to share more feels such a relief - like this is exactly what I have been waiting for and getting myself ready for and that feels so, so, so beautiful and fills me with contentment and inspiration to keep going. Thank you 49Light and Bart & Jody for being here now and for all you are sharing, I love you.
Love Clairey" - Australia/New Zealand



Personally Trained by Bart & Jody





   To choose to do this training with Bart & Jody, is a very high conscious choice and is a 100% commitment to your Ascension.  There are some prerequisites for you to know about to be eligible for the training.  We will only consider training anyone to become an IALSF (I AM LOVE SESSION FACILITATOR) if we feel it is a major part of their Higher Conscious Ascending Soul Role and that they are 100% committed to their Ascension. 


Prerequisites & Requirements to Be Eligible  





1. 100% committed to and living Ascension in your life.


2. Must have completed both of these online video courses as they will prepare you for the IALSF training:


THE I AM LOVE SESSIONS Video Series - 16 Episodes 

Each Episode includes 2 Videos: Seminar & Meditation AU$190. Non-refundable (2018 price subject to change) 

View more details here on our website.



AU$245.  Non-refundable (2018 price subject to change)

View more details here on our website.


PLEASE NOTE: These online video course are a prerequisite to be eligible for the IALSF Training and are NOT included in the price of the training.

***Also please note that you can enrol in these courses any time you are ready, they don’t have to be part of the IALSF training, you can do them whenever you want to.  


3. You have experienced at least one I AM LOVE SESSION with Nisha Narang who is an I AM LOVE SESSION FACILITATOR. You can contact Nisha to book a session with her any time.


4. Know which is your Soul Ray from the 13 Soul Rays of Humanity discussed in THE I AM LOVE SESSIONS Video Series online video course.

NOTE: After participating in the I AM LOVE SESSIONS Video Series online video course you will have basic knowledge of all Soul Rays for you to be able to recognise your own Soul Ray.  We also offer Private Skype Sessions if you want more guidance on your Soul Ray or Ascension.


5. You feel 100% that being an I AM LOVE SESSION FACILITATOR is a major part of doing your

Ascending Soul Role to assist the ONE SOUL OF HUMANITY for ASCENSION with complete love.  This means applying your Ascension Consciousness to your whole life and living as an example of your loving choice to Ascend. This will be discussed further and more guidance given to you about this if we accept to do the training with you. 


6.  You have been given acceptance from Bart & Jody to do the I AM LOVE SESSION FACILITATOR TRAINING. 

We will decide whether we feel that becoming an IALSF is appropriate for you and if yes, then we will agree to train you.


7. You understand and accept that even if we do accept you to do the training, that there is no guarantee that we will approve you as an IALSF.  We would not approve you as an IALSF if we felt you are either not ready and need more time or we feel it is not a major part of your Soul Role after seeing the results of your training with us. 


8. You feel it in your heart that it is part of your Ascending Soul Role to assist Bart & Jody with their Ruby Ray Soul Role Leadership Guiding Ascension of The ONE SOUL OF HUMANITY with COMPLETE LOVE by becoming an IALSF. (After participating in the I AM LOVE SESSIONS Video Series online video course you will have more understanding of the Ruby Ray and all Soul Rays.) 


9. You must be 100% Vegan, 100% non-smoker,

100% non-alcohol drinker (this includes no social drinking, no occasional alcohol and no alcohol with meals)

non-coffee drinker and no drug dependencies or addictions.  Having applied this in your life means you have realised the Ego based lifestyle of eating meat, smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee and taking drugs of any kind does not serve your Ascension.

10. You must have an understanding of the illusion of 

Twin Flame Replacements and have chosen to finish being involved with anyone or anything that represents this. If you want to have more understanding of this please watch our free YouTube videos on Twin Flames, Ep 21 to 27.

11. You must have begun attending the Ascension Round Table Sessions with Bart & Jody.  Find our more about how to do this click here: ARTS



Here are the next steps that you will take once you have finished participating in the two online courses and have contacted us that you want to do the IALSF training and we have accepted you to begin your enrolement.



This form is an agreement between you, Bart & Jody to be trained as an IALSF which we will email you before you make your payment. This agreement includes very special and vital information for you to agree to for your enrolement. Once you have read the form and have agreed and signed it, we can then continue to the next step.


Step 2. Paid in Full Training Payment:

AU$6,000 Non-refundable. (2018 price subject to change.) This price does NOT include the 2 prerequisite online video courses and is the price only for the IALSF training.  The 2 online video courses are a separate price and payment.


Step 3. Training begins and involves 24 Training Sessions with Bart & Jody.  You may also be training with others who have been accepted.  Qualified IALSFs will also be assisting

Bart & Jody with your training. 

* Training sessions average between 3 to 5 hours per session.

* Training is in person with Bart & Jody in their venue in Australia. 

* You must attend every training session date allocated by Bart & Jody.



* Bart & Jody will assist you to become a Brilliant Loving, Highly Skillful, Knowledgeable and Capable IALSF which will also include highly awakening loving personal transformational experiences for you as you go through the process of becoming qualified.  You will be awakening yourself on a whole new level to be ready to BE a magnificent IALSF!   

* We provide you with written and verbal knowledge and guidance as well as assisting you to practice facilitating the

I AM LOVE SESSIONS with our very clear precise instructions which is a beautiful joyful experience we share together.  

* The training also includes our assisting you to create your own website for your I AM LOVE SESSIONS (once you are accepted and qualified as an IALSF) and we will have you listed with a link to your website on our website which will include a picture of you, your info and contact link.



If you become accepted and qualified as an IALSF you will be provided with ongoing loving support and assistance from Bart & Jody and other IALSFs which will also include any new updated IALSF information. 

It is a beautiful unity of love and Ascension that we share together on this most amazing path of assisting others with their Ascension. 




   We look forward to hearing from you if after reading this information thoroughly, you feel it is what you would like to do, to become an I AM LOVE SESSION FACILITATOR. 

   It is a commitment to take lovingly, seriously and to know that it is your joy and the path you wish to take in total commitment.

   Take your time to contemplate how you feel and what you want. If you have any further inquiries or questions about the online video courses or the IALSF training, please let us know, it will be our joy to assist you.


We love you very much.

Thank you so much.

Love Bart & Jody


with your inquiry.





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