Ecstasy Of Love  MUSIC STORE

Great news, we have formed a 

new band called Ecstasy Of Love and have a new website.


There are a few changes we are making because of this.

Our music is now available under the name

Ecstasy Of Love and is available on most Digital Download Stores including: Youtube Music, BandCamp, Apple Music, ReverbNation, and Spotify. 

We do have a new BandCamp store and their music players are here and on our new website too.


Love Bart & Jody

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Thank You for

Enjoying Our Music.

Love & Light to Everyone



LOVE YOUR MUSIC SOO MUCH!!! It touches me always so deeply into the core of my whole being. Your music is a divine gift of Love to our heart and soul. Listening to your music is instant Bliss. It opens my heart and I can feel this expansively feeling of the love and light that we are! It’s beyond Amazing and so touching to be able to feel this through your music!! It connects me with our golden light! Everything is just so beautiful when I connect with the feelings and frequency of your music!! Such a strong love vibration! Your music is soul blowing and awakening in so many ways!! It is the most beautiful and precious way of waking up to our most precious unlimited being of Love!! Thank you so much for your Amazing genius Brilliant Music!! Thank you for this precious beautiful divine journey and experience !!! Love you beyond words Always!!! 


Imka Puttemans ~ Belgium

Why do I love Bart & Jody's music so much? Because Bart & Jody are completely, totally, passionately in love with each other! I have known them for over 20 years and they are more in love everyday and never leave each others side! This love story is in all their music and it is incredibly touching, it touches my heart and it feels beyond words!! This reminds me of my own love story and it gives me hope, strength and inspiration to keep loving and knowing I will find him!!

Clairey Fullbright ~ NZ/Australia

I love this song so much!! (I Am Love) I LOVE the lyrics that you have shared here and the ENTIRE SONG. This song takes me on a beautiful Journey of wanting to know who I am, and then feeling the Integration of finding me and reuniting with my Twin Flame. I cry most of the time I listen to this song- tears of love and gratitude of our Journey!! 

It is incredible the way you create your music with so much love and knowing that it activates that love and knowing in all that listen to your music. Your Music truly does touch me deeply in my soul and I feel a wholeness in your music which I have not found in any other music at all!! LOVE LOVE LOVE BJ MUSIC. LOVE YOU.

Nisha Narang ~ India/Australia

I have loved listening to so many bands in my life but now the only music I want to listen to is Bart & Jody's music as I am remembering that I am love, we are love, this is a real experience for me, it is my focus and is my Ascension. So I want music that gives to my Ascension. Their music feels beyond words beautiful to my Soul. It inspires me, activates my intelligence and knowing, soothes me, nurtures me, reminds me of being love, calls me home to my heart, gives me compassion, reminds me of my Twin Flame and how deep and real this love is. The music is soulful, rich, genius, uncategorisable, original and brilliant. Bart and Jody's lyrics are uplifting, they are not based on any ego programs and I love that so much, that every word is designed to assist us to remember we are love and all the amazingly brilliant creative ways they do this in every single song. I love that their music is the feeling of Ascension, that rich soulful feeling and passionate alive embracing of all existence is REAL!! I want to live in the feeling of Bart & Jody's music!! It is super amazing and beautiful. I love it so much!!

Clairey Fullbright ~ NZ/Australia

I Listen to so much music from all around the world. So many different styles I Love and adore music so much, and their

(Bart & Jody) music is indeed a real gift of love to my soul.

I can see so clear how all the other music that I was listening was feeding my ego-programs and their limited feelings. The music of Bart & Jody truly touches my soul and heart in every way, every song is so different still it touches the same real knowing in me, that we are infinite beings of LOVE!!! It goes beyond my personality. 
I Love that their music is invoking my ascension and this beautiful feeling of Love and expansion. Their music is timeless, so rich, so real. it is genius, soulfull, original. I never heard anything like their music before. Their music inspires my ascension, real Love and real Joy. and I only can find it in BJ's music!! So Thank you so much BJ For your Perfect Genius Profound soul:heart touching Brilliant Divine music!! Thank you that through your Music I can feel my Real me!

I Only want to listen to music that assist and invoke my Ascension!! THANK YOU !!! LOVE YOU!!!! 

Imka Puttemans ~ Belgium

I love this album (The Early Years Vol 1), beyond words. It is very touching to feel the Love, the Bliss, the Inspiration of Pure Loving Twin Flame reunion and the Passion for Uniting and Rising in our Love!! Thank you for sharing these precious gems BJ! LOVE ALL THE SONGS of this Album 💕💕THANK YOU!! LOVE YOU 💕💕

Nisha Narang ~ India/Australia

Thank you so much for releasing these most Beautiful, Adored, Vulnerable and So Precious songs!! (The Early Years Vol 1) 

Yes tears of LOVE!!! I love them all so much!!! Yes, I also Will download and listen to them NOW!! Looking so forward to hear "It's You," again! Wow!! PRECIOUSLY Gorgeous Heart:treasured TWINFLAMELOVE!! Divinely Beautiful and So Heart:soul touching!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! YOUR BJLOVEMUSIC IS EVERYTHING!!! LOVE YOU INFINITE!!!

Imka Puttemans ~ Belgium

YAY!! This is AWESOME (The Early Years Vol 1) album. Hearing these songs wow what a beautiful feeling hearing your precious Twin Flame voices and how amazing is your talent together to create these songs as soon as you reunited. That really is so profound. It is so touching to listen to these preciously beautiful songs and feel the love you felt for each other and for us all and for our awakening. I can hear such rawness and vulnerability and purity and beautiful delicate softness and then such passion and strength is there too. Thank you for sharing these precious gems as you called them, that is exactly what they sound like to me too.  Its truly a beautiful experience to have this album available now. Thank you for releasing it! I adore everyone of them. I love that it is Vol 1 too. LOVE YOU BEYOND WORDS.

Claire Fullbright ~ NZ/Australia


I really do LOVE and can VERY CLEARLY visually see & deeply soulfully feel All of Your BEAUTIFUL & BRILLIANT Intellectualness & Analyticalness RhythmicaLOVING Structural Arrangementness that You put into ALL of Your Song Development CreationaLOVE in Writing, Composing, Synthesizing, Cadence!! EVERYTHING! EVERY. THING. IS BEYOND WORDS INFIN8ABSOULUTE PERFECTION! I may not be understanding All of it completely yet to be able to FULLY appreciate it, LOL, but I do keep listening more & more and passionately focusing on consciously connecting to the DYNAMICALLY SOUL~IGNITING PASSION & PURITY of ALL of YOUR PERFECT TWINFLAME~UNITY~ONENESS~BJ~LOVE~BLISSFUL~JOY that I FEEL in Your GORGEOUS HEART~OPENING RETURN MUSIC for OUR JOURNEY HOME!!!!! LOL, as LOVEfacets, all of Us have our own Beautiful 'song' of Our VibrationaLove, our melodic~sound to us of Our unique-ness, and You BJ, are like the Divine Composers! Orchestrating Us into SymphonicHarmony in Our Youniverse ~ ONE SONG OF LOVE!! SOOOOO MANY TEARS OF BEAUTIFULOVE AND JOY!!! FUCK!!! HOW CAN I EVER PUT INTO WORDS TO EXPRESS ALL OF MY INFIN8FLOWINGRATITUDE?!?! LOLOLOL!!! JUST FUCKEN LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

Julie Jewelz ~ California USA

YES YES YES, listening to your Music indeed helps me feel the feeling of Ascension!! LOVE IT!! LOVE YOU!! Eternally Grateful for your Awakening Loving Music Bart & Jody. Your Higher Conscious Knowing of Us as INFINITE BEING OF LOVE, as OSOH- One Soul Of Humanity, with YOUR SUPER GENIUS MUSICAL TALENTS brings Loving Healing Heart Activating Bliss to my Entire being. Thank you for your MUSIC. THANK YOU FOR YOU!!

Nisha Narang ~ India/Australia

I've been listening to this incredible ascension song today (I AM LOVE) and I totally LOVE it! I can see streams of light from Bart's guitar playing and waves of love pouring through your voices! I'm experiencing spiral weaving just from listening!! I've been playing it over and over again and my kids keep asking me play it too. Your music is fucking igniting more LOVE & LIGHT within me and I'm feeling a rise in consciousness just from listening. Thank you for creating such brilliance. I wish there was a word that combines brilliance, love, light, genius & ascension because that's how I'd describe this beautiful song. I love you.

Rhiannon Valentine ~ Australia 


"So I have been listening to it all evening. Both cds - (Twin Flame Paradise & One World Love) are super amazing. The paradise one is like a love meditation, super chill and soothing which is exactly what I needed after a hyper creative period. And the One love songs are so cool! I know many of them from your concerts. You guys cannot make a boring or stinky song like ever, you only create Magic. That's why buying your CDs is like lottery ticket that always wins!
I know you are rare gems! And although you may not be mainstream (for a big reason because the world order that governs mainstream is such a huge manipulation system), you easily stand in line with all the great musicians of our times and beyond. I only wish you more recognition and success through love! 😀
P.S. Some beats sometimes remind me of transcendental rock from Pink Floyd."

Polona Aurea Dawn Somrak ~ Slovenia

I love you, Bart and Jody, and I absolutely love your music. It has helped me so much. 💚💚

Valerie Millar ~ Australia

"I have listened to the three tracks on your new Twin Flame Paradise CD and they are totally awesome, amazing,heart touching and beautiful. The music deeply touches me, all of it and the singing is magical.  I am so grateful to have this stunning CD and thank you from my heart for creating it.  It amazes me that you two twin flames can create this heavenly music.  I wish it could be heard all over this world and bring some peace and joy and love to us all.  You are both precious.  With my love, Shirley."

Shirley Clark - New Zealand 


"I absolutely love this track (Awaken DNA For Ascension) I keep it playing in the background throughout my day, specially when I am going through layers of my ego self...the high vibrations and intention of this music, really helps me integrate my emotions very gracefully, reminding me of me again󾬐 thank u so much Bart and Jody for creating this gift for our one soul."

Nisha Narang - India/Australia

"I just wish to share my impression of your music of how I feel it in essence. It has that mystical mix of retro and futuristic energy and sound, which creates such a wonderful fusion. I love your live concerts, with your cosmic giggles in between, even better than cds. I now have all 3 cds"

Polona Aurea Dawn Somrak - Slovenia


My favourite album (Love & Light) just beautiful feel the vibration in my soul.

Deborah Jeffery - Australia

"Your music such as this Awesome song (Love & Light) and following songs (I Am Divine Light and Love is Forever), lifts one's vibrations, and frequency Higher, I feel the energetic pulsations of your music, AbSOULutely Amazing!!!!" 

James Frampton - Perth, Australia


Love "Eternal Flame" song, & your beautiful voices. Beautiful Hearts, Beautiful Voices.... And I know it all to be TRUE.. Love to Everyone.

Margo Spencer - Australia

"Thank you...Jody, YOU have a huge new fan here with me....everything I have ever thought in my short life here on Earth is reconfirmed with YOU and Bart...Twin Flames is something I respect and admire greatly, and in this day and age of such fleeting social contact, something I am very envious of...and I am equally proud to see that two people can feel so deeply for not only each other, and beautiful Unity...but all hearts alike....and the fact that you share your fortune with others not so fortunate yet...and give them hope while still dreaming of such contentment, is a divine grace....much respect and gentle peaceful love to you both....please....just keep sparkling** and singing and playing for us .....for you both shine like no other"

Julianne Valentino - Australia