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"I have listened to the three tracks on your new Twin Flame Paradise CD and they are totally awesome, amazing,heart touching and beautiful. The music deeply touches me, all of it and the singing is magical.  I am so grateful to have this stunning CD and thank you from my heart for creating it.  It amazes me that you two twin flames can create this heavenly music.  I wish it could be heard all over this world and bring some peace and joy and love to us all.  You are both precious.  With my love, Shirley."

Shirley Clark - New Zealand 

"I absolutely love this track (Awaken DNA For Ascension)󾬐 I keep it playing in the background throughout my day, specially when I am going through layers of my ego self...the high vibrations and intention of this music, really helps me integrate my emotions very gracefully, reminding me of me again󾬐 thank u so much Bart and Jody for creating this gift for our one soul󾬐󾬐󾬐󾬐​."

Nisha Narang - India/Australia


"Your music such as this Awesome song (Love & Light) and following songs (I Am Divine Light and Love is Forever), lifts one's vibrations, and frequency Higher, I feel the energetic pulsations of your music, AbSOULutely Amazing!!!!" 

James Frampton - Perth, Australia


Love "Eternal Flame" song, & your beautiful voices. Beautiful Hearts, Beautiful Voices.... And I know it all to be TRUE.. Love to Everyone.

Margo Spencer - Australia




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