Bart & Jody Bio

Twin Flames United In Love


♥ We, Bart and Jody are Twin Flames.  We reunited in 1998 and have been blissfuly married since 1999.  

We make music to create the feeling of love and inspiration to enjoy our awesome lives and all of existence.

We enjoy the experience of remembering and fully consciously living ecstatically, blissfuly in complete harmony as our true identity of love and love to express this in our music.  

We love creating the dimensional feeling of our existence through music, this gives us a higher recognition of love within ourselves that we enjoy. 

We have been writing, recording, performing and producing original 

music together since 1997.  

We have had few band names since then being; Starlight Shining, 

Ruby Rising. Love Spirit, OmniMirracle, Kosmic Evolution and

now Bart & Jody.



We are both 100% Vegan. We eat an organic healthy vegan food diet, drink purified water and use chemical free products, do not drink alcohol, coffee, smoke or take drugs of any kind and do not eat sugar. We enjoy the wonderful healthy, high vibration and vitality from this lifestyle.


A Little Bit of History

Jody Christy ~ I was born in Sydney Australia.  Between the ages of 6 -7 I attended drama classes at the Independent Theatre in Sydney as well as ballet classes. When I was age 11, I started learning to play the guitar.  I was always aware of my inner higher consciousness and music was a passion since early childhood writing songs and poetry. I ran my own business for 14 years as a Spiritual Awakening Classes, Seminars and Esoteric Healing Facilitator using music as a prime healing tool. Upon meeting Bart at one of my seminars in 1996, I instantly knew we had a powerful connection which would eventually awaken both our memories to know we are Twin Flames. 

Bart Christy ~ I was born in Perth Australia. I began learning guitar at the young age of 8, learning classical and then rock. Within the music industry of Australia I formed bands, joined bands, toured Australia and performed live on radio and television. I was always seeking a higher path. When I met Jody in 1996 I knew I had found who I was looking for in my heart and that this union would take my music and consciousness in the direction I had always wanted. 


BART & JODY'S Life Experiences

Since 1998 we have experienced a great amount together with our creativity and awakened consciousness. 

Together BART & JODY:

* Have performed many live concerts with their own original music.

* Designed and built their own professional music recording and film web TV studio.

Watch Bart & Jody Twin Flames TV on YouTube

* Written, produced, recorded their own original music albums including design and artwork for album covers.

* Created, Filmed, produced, edited their own video clips for all of their original songs. 

* Wrote, directed, produced, filmed, acted in and edited their own enlightening comedy movies. 

* Held regular guidance seminars both live and recorded together on Ascension, Higher Consciousness, Twin Flames, Awakening.

* Opened an organic vegan cafe on the Gold Coast, Australia called One World Love Cafe, which ran for 12 months where many patrons considered it the best in the world. The cafe is now closed.


Before BART & JODY were together:

We also had many great experiences before we got together.  


* Studied and became qualified in many natural therapies and higher consciousness modalities from 1990 to 1994.

* Facilitated regular classes and groups of Meditation, Healing and Transformational Higher Conscious Personal Growth Seminars, Astrology, Palmistry, Spiritual Iridology, Aromatherapy and many other healing and awakening modalities from 1990 to 1999.

* Designed and facilitated her own transformational healing modality called Light-Heart Healing during this time in groups and classes.


* Bart learned to play classical guitar from the age of 8 and then learned rock guitar at 15.

* Bart as an accomplished lead guitarist joined and formed bands as well as toured in Australia with various bands and performed live on TV and radio.

* Was the lead guitarist in the resident band for Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast Australia in 1995 and 1996.

* Bart became a qualified Dive Master in 1994.

* Completed a Marine Ecology course at Underwater world in Perth Australia.

* Studied art and technical drawing.

* Learnt many skills and abilities in the building trade, building houses and renovating.

* Studied radio and TV production.

* Wrote and performed many of his original songs and music.

And we continue on our amazing creative journey together.

 Thank you for visiting our website to find out more about us. 




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