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I Am Love Sessions Online Course


Experience A Most Powerful Shift of Love!


ONLINE 16 week Video COURSE 

32 Videos!






Watch 32 videos altogether - Incredible VALUE!!

Access to watch videos is 16 Weeks

- 1 hour approx. each video!





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Twin Flame Reunion course






Everything you need to know for your Twin Flame Reunion is revealed within this BEAUTIFUL DIVINE course!! 




Nothing like you have heard before, REAL HIGHER DIMENSIONAL knowledge that WILL BRING YOU HOME TO YOUR TWIN FLAME 



Access to watch videos is 14 Weeks

- 2 hour approx. each video!

 NOTE: You can purchase a Ticket NOW!


* Your own YouTube Account 

* One Payment to Bart & Jody Paypal account.

* Your internet viewing device, computer, tablet or mobile phone must be able to view YouTube videos.


On our YouTube you will find the LIVE WEBCAST seminars

we presented in 2014 & 2015. 

Enjoy and watch as many as you want to. 

Below are some of the FREE vidoes we have available.

How To Ascend Ep 1

29th August 2015 

How To Ascend Ep 2

31st October 2015

How To Ascend Ep 3

28th November 2015

Twin Flame Ascension

Part 1 - 6th June 2015

Twin Flame Ascension

Part 2- 4th July 2015

 The Shift

Episode 1 - 

 8th February 2014 


Unique Soul Purpose,

Gifts and Talents

 Episode 3 -

 8th February 2014 


 Twin Flames, & Soulmates  Episode 2 - 

 15th February 2014 

 Keys To Ascension  And The DNA 

 Light-Body Upgrade 

Episode 4 -

 1st March 2014 

Walk Your Talk

With Love  ~ Resolving The Ego 

 Episode 5 - 

 8th March, 2014 

 Communicate with  Yours and Other's Inner Being

 Episode 6 -

 15th March, 2014 


Letting Go, Loving Yourself and Others 

Episode 7 -

22nd March 2014 

Masters Of Our Destiny  ~ Resolving The Ego 

 Episode 8 - 

 29th March, 2014 

 Trusting Love

 Episode 9 -

 5th April, 2014 


"💖....These two incredible souls have a special place in my heart.💖 Thanks for the guidence and Love💖 you spread. I may not always react but i always read your messages. They are uplifting and Loving.💖 I always feel Loved💖 by you two...even when I'm not Loving💖 myself...hard one to learn. Theres no losing you now..we are ONE! So Fuck it!😜"

Zaber-Rose Koegelberg


"I found Bart and Jody through internet in 2011 as Kosmic Evolution. At that time there were yet no youtube seminars from them and I am from Spain, so I didn’t had the chance to meet them in person for their concerts. I felt something very special and beautiful in them but I was still very much enjoying my ego dramas and illusions and I completely forgot about them. I had crafted a very strong spiritual ego by doing ayahuasca ceremonies since 2008 and I felt I was already enlightened somehow. I was in extreme delusion about life, feeling totally lost, confused and different/separate from the rest of the world. I was living in the clouds, daydreaming about me and my twin flame in our soul mission to save the planet, totally lost in victim and loser, hate and lust and trying always to survive. But I didn't know all of that at that time. I just felt there was something extremely wrong with myself and that I had to find the way to get rid of it. I stayed like that for another 4 and a half years, crafting new spiritual healing identities, trying different modalities of meditation, spirituality, healing, trying desperately to heal myself and to heal others, thinking that or I was superior or I was inferior. There was no equality. There was always a deep painful searching for my healing and blaming for not being where I wanted to be. Finally,after that period, I was ready to find Bart and Jody again, and so I found them again via internet and I started watching their amazing free seminars on youtube that had already been published nearly 2 years before, in 2014. I remember that from the first seminar I watched my life got illumined by a knowing of finally having found what I always had been looking for. I suddenly realized I could not listen and follow anyone else anymore and so I started dropping everyone and everything else that I had been following up until then. I felt that I had finally found those that could really help me remember who I really am, what is life about and where does my suffering comes from and how to dissolve it and transform it into real wisdom and knowing of the complete truth of the real Higher perception. Until then I had followed many so called international well known spiritual teachers and I always found that things were very complicated and that I could never reach that point where they were claiming to be. There was always this big distance between them and me. Always the one that is more special and knows more and the one that doesn’t. The winner and the looser. With Bart and Jody I finally understood that all of that is crab, is just ego programs, created with Love by our Higher Self, and that we are all One Soul, playing different facets of experience to know how it feels like. Their true Twin Flame Love, Purity, Compassion, Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge and Humility have been the most precious thing ever for I have come to understand that I am an Immortal Infinite Being of Love and the absolute creator of my reality. They are the only ones on this planet that are really capable to show real true enlightenment and twin flame reunion for they are the ones chosen by us, the One Soul of Humanity, to do that. I have seen many many times others trying to lead as spiritual teachers, claiming themselves to be spiritual guides or special beings coming from other planets, and now I know they are just playing their spiritual egos and looking for victories, for they don’t really know the truth, they only play with parts of truth. I have done that too, pretending to show others that I could be a spiritual guide or teacher to them, not knowing at that moment how asleep I still was. I was just trying to be a winner and survive. And that’s fine because that is also what we all, as the One Soul of Humanity, have chosen to experience to know how it feels, until we are ready to really truly awaken and see the complete real truth of things. Until we are ready to fully acknowledge, comprehend and transcend our egos. And that’s what Bart and Jody are doing here, they are the perfect beings for us to fully do that, for they have already done it with themselves, fully dedicating their entire Twin flame reunion to doing that. They are living by the most beautiful example of true real awakening and they are in the most loving way assisting those of us that are choosing to awaken too, because it is our time too. And there is a time for us all. I am infinitely grateful and loving Bart and Jody, eternally. I know I am home, I am home and I thank you them for assisting and nurturing me so beautifully in finding my true home."

Estella Tabernero Perez ~ Spain

“Your words are like a small drum stick that lovingly hits the cymbal inside my Heart, vibrating Peace and Love to the whole Planet and all of Humanity. Thank you.”

Stefanie Battisti ~ Belgium


 "I cannot express my gratitude for all you both are sharing. Thank you for helping me to understand the ego better. You helped me to realize I have been fighting to rid myself of my ego and how it doesn’t work and could never work. I love you both and i wanted you to know how much it means to me all the knowledge, wisdom and sincere love you are sharing! Love Robin"

"You two are very loved too. So many people including friends and clients of mine have been helped so much by the I am Love meditations. Thank you twin flames for the wonderful work you do. It's not work I know. It's pure Love and Light and fun."

Rosetta Abatematteao - Tauranga, New Zealand

"I feel your love is REAL. So pure! I can go through pages and pages, article after article and the things you've said resonate with me the most. I continue to refer to your wisdom when I'm tested. Tried and true, my heart melts and my ego fades in the face of it. I can stand FIRMLY on your words to get me through, because they are true, true to my heart. Please don't stop doing what you guys are doing! I'm just one person, but that's all I've ever thought mattered to help, just ONE. It's a life, OUR life! I am soooo grateful that for this awakening process, yours was the first I connected to. My stronghold. I pray everyone gets their own Bart and Jody in their process. <3 Really... Sincerely... I LOVE you two soooooooooooooo very much! You are my pearls. I will keep your words forever in my heart. I am so excited to meet you two! I'll probably be tongue tied and be star struck for the first little while. Cry and just be quiet. Lol I'm serious.... I can feel it. The DEEP connection and profound LOVE I have for you two. You're an inspiration and I can only hope to achieve to be where you're at. That's what'll hit the most... You give me hope for the future and faith in humanity. You're kind words are beautiful and touching. You've always been so kind and gentle with me, even when my ego is in the 4front. For that, I am grateful.

All My Love."  

Shae Monique - Utah USA


"Thank you so much for creating these I Am Love Sessions. They are so good, I feel lost for words to describe the loving potent awakening and impact they are having in me. I treasure each Saturday and love the week in between. I just can't thank you enough for how brilliant they are. I love you guys."

Claire Fullbright NZ/Australia

“One very important thing for me that has changed after listening to your guidance and that I want to share with you it has been the fact that I have always had a lot of fear of talking to people to introduce my work as a Mindfulness teacher in schools. Since I was a child I got very anxious when I had to read in front of the class or make some presentation or confronting certain kind of situations with people. I would get really nervous and not be able to talk as I wanted because my breath was very short and my heart very fast. Some kind of anxiety reaction that has been limiting myself my whole life. The thing is that after understanding and remembering with you that I am the creator of my reality I have been able to change that and introduce my work in schools, and I now know that I have the power to stop this if I really want, and also have realised how much do I enjoy feeling fear, something that I could have never realised before watching your videos. I am on the "spiritual path" since about 10 years. I have met and studied with what I considered very good teachers, internationally worldwide spiritual teachers, and I was worshiping them and feeling that they had something that I could not have. None of them until now have never explained me the simple yet powerful truth that you tell us in the direct and raw and humble and loving way you do. And so, I will tell you that since I am remembering with you, I have lost complete interest in other spiritual teachings, and I do feel that in general, spiritual teachers behave from a spiritual ego and that they need to complicate things to have people trapped in a never ending search for their teachings so that they can assure that they will keep their position forever. :) I do see now that they tell half truths and that they are not willing to lose their spiritual egos. And I understand that's find too, as you say :) I am learning to embrace all parts of the human, and so I know it is all part of the soul agreements we make and to where we really want to go with our awakening. I know I want to REALLY awaken, and I know YOU are helping me do that. I have been sharing what I have learned with you with 3 people and every time it has been an enlightening and helpful experience for them. Thanks so much for everything you are and do. I want to keep remembering with you and I send you all my Love.”

Estella - Spain

"I Love you both. Thank you for all these amazing videos! One of the greatest points I value in all your lessons is that we are androgynous. That, in our awakening when we come to know Love we know our self as the one energy of all Life and that it's beyond gender. I have felt this all my life and few people seem to get this. You have been a wonderful voice for so many things that I feel and don't have the words to communicate. Talking about these things is not easy. It's not easy to discuss these things. You talk in so much detail about ego....and it's hard to do that because we all have our ego....and you do it in such a beautiful way. It never comes across as arrogant. It's just hard to talk about what you discuss and I appreciate so much that you do. Thank you!"

Invisible Flame


"There are few words on a physical level to describe the blessing that Bart and Jody present in yet another exceptional teaching on truth of the heart light we all are.  Enjoy I sure did." 

Angel Formato


"Awww I feel so much love radiating from both of you guys. Thanks so much for coming to the planet to share your light with us all. I'm so blessed to be experiencing this world with such beautiful souls, such as yourselves. Also, I love all your videos. They are very magical and so insightful. The meditations are so calming and truly remind me of the Angels." 

Rosa Ivy


"I am so looking forward to this absolutely loving and truthful course to guide on ascension by twin flames Bart and Jody...I have personally understood a lot about myself with their seminars on youtube After repeatedly watching them for over an year - the journey is still on...I still remember a newer facet of Me every time I watch them. There are no levels or rules in BJ's is all embracing, all loving sharing that flows from their heart and rings bells of remberance in the hearts who choose to listen.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who really wants to Re - member their true self in most loving, caring and humble way."

NIsha Narang


"INSPIRING!! Love my friends Bart Christy and Jody Christy. Twin Flames living in love side by side for over 16 years!! My life has completely transformed from knowing them, what an incredible journey waking up is. Thanks BJ for everything - all the sharing, honesty, learning, understanding and compassion, all the precious moments. You guys are my dearest friends ever 

Check out Loving Enlightenment TV and Kosmic Evolution to see and hear Bart and Jody in action. Their music, seminars and art are completely inspirational, motivating, comprehensive, down to earth yet blissful and dynamic, activating, enthralling, deeply connecting, heart intelligence opening, higher vibration aligning. FUN! Funny! Deeply understanding, deep insight, the answers I always wanted to know. AWESOME."

Clairey Fullbright


"You are really awesome, you and Bart are so great to watch and your loving energy is truly infectious. Much love to you both always." 



"Bart & Jody are a love couple that are able to extend unconditional love to humanity. Their videos are very peaceful, the music is relaxing and the information is of an extensive nature. I highly recommend their site!" Don Lee



James Frampton


"Thank you for an amazing time..I am grateful beyond words.. Being there live today, far exceeded any expectations I had.. If anyone gets a chance to be live.. Take the opportunity.. The space is truely divine and filled with so much love... Thank you for the new tools this week.. I am grateful that already, other program's are already showing themselves to me, that they are ready to shift, after the first few I loved, embraced and erased.. Much love to Jody and Bart for creating an amazing webcast" 

Michelle Smith


"Thank you Jody & Bart! I love you both sooo much! this episode 14 has really given me a 'quantum leap' in my understanding of the true nature of ego's limitation and loving, embracing, being grateful, and fully owning these experiences that I've created is the way of neutralizing and then gradually dissolving the ego's addiction to "drama" I keep feeling my heart open more and more with each of your shows I get so excited wondering about what each new show will be about and how it's going to change my perspective and illuminate everything that I was feeling confused about thank you much! Much Love to you both! 

Joie DeVivre 


"Each week the meditation has been so BEAUTIFUL Bart's guitar playing and your gorgeous voice is so deeply wonderful to listen to. So looking forward to this next one. I am ready to love myself completely. I can never go back to not doing this now, just want to keep understanding my ego and keep feeling that love. Thank you for your guidance with this! Its life changing. Everything about the webcast, seminar, people was incredibly beautiful - thank you for dreaming this up and making it happen ♥ You are both BRILLIANT." 

Clairey Fullbright 


"This was an amazing show! Beyond words being there in person and meeting all of the incredible people there. Thank you all for the experience ♥ ♥ ♥"

Rhia Valentine 


"I choosing love always. I always feel lighter when I watch one of your seminars it's the love vibration in put in them thank you so very much for making there are so joyous love light."

Deborah Jeffery 


"So magnificent. This was SO AWESOME!! Love how you help me to understand the difference between my ego and love. I kept thinking, while I was watching this, what a great thing you guys are doing. IT'S BRILLIANT. Your are showing me and our world the answer to our existence and the way to remember the love again. You inspire me so much because I know that you have both overcome a lot of the ego and that is why you are sharing this loving enlightening wisdom and understanding. I love seeing you both, beaming more and more love every day. These shows are truly magnificent and so great for this time on our planet. I am deeply grateful and love you so much. Thank you BJ."

Margaret Lovejoy 


"For those who want to know more about this, I will say go for it. I have seen the seminar today and I just love how down to earth, loving and fun Jody and Bart talks about the topic" 

Vivian Hausberg 


"Just watched your cleansing soul seminar. Truly perfect filled with love and light! Love it and love the words you shared. Thank you."

Levita Galinsky 




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