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Ascension Round Table Sessions aka ARTS 

LIVE on Zoom with us, Bart & Jody where we share our guidance

 for your Ascension and Twin Flame Reunion.

These sessions are held every 4 weeks LIVE via Zoom video call.  

ARTS is suitable for anyone to participate in, no matter what level of Ascension and Twin Flame unity you are experiencing.

ASCENSION ROUND TABLE SESSIONS clearly describes what we will do in these sessions, ASCEND TOGETHER!! 
***ARTS is always wonderfully enlightening, completely love filled, joyous, humorous, fun, filled with depths of bliss, incredibly united and everyone always want more at the end! 



* ARTS allows you to have live in person time with us to experience our guidance for this loving experience of Ascending together and for you to ask any questions you may have, share experiences of your awakening and to continue your transformation into your fully awakened beautiful being through our guidance and your choices. 

* These sessions are about sharing in the NOW which makes them unique and very special. We want you to feel completely free to express and allow the experience of integrating what we have already guided you with as well as moving to the next level that you are wanting and are ready for.


* Per Person $60 ~ Non-refundable

* You can share a Zoom call with others, but it is still $60 per person.

* Once you have purchased your ticket we email you with information for participation. 



💛 ARTS is on every 4 weeks on a Sunday 4pm to 9pm Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia time. Once you purchase your ticket to ARTS, we will email you all the information you will need to join. 


💛 We will send you an email from our Zoom Account that will contain a link for you to join the meeting 2 days before the date of the ARTS meeting you are joining.  You can join on your computer or mobile phone.  On the day and time of the meeting, all you have to do is click on the link in the email we sent you to join and we will give you access to the meeting and you will be able to see us, all other participants and we will be able to see you LIVE.  Awesome!


💛 ** It is a video Zoom call, so please make sure your camera is working as well.  

💛 AUDIO VIDEO QUALITY ~ The audio and video quality is only based on your own internet connection speed so the faster the better. You can have a low speed, but your picture of everyone may be a little out of audio and video sync and also a little bit choppy but still usable. The video we receive of you will also be the same.  If you have an okay speed you will have good audio and video quality.  

You can do a speed test if you want to at to check your speed to see if it matches the requirements below.  

Here are the Internet Connection Requirements from Zoom’s website - 

For group video calling: 600kbps/1.2Mbps (up/down) for HQ video.

💛 ** You will need a headphones headset with a built in microphone so that there is no sound issues and everyone’s privacy is respected. If you don’t have one of these, they are found in computer stores.


***PLEASE NOTE: By participating in ARTS you are agreeing to not record any part of the ARTS sessions as to respect everyone's privacy which includes for your own private use. Thank you for your love, care and respect.  

💛 ARTS 11 ~ 2019

13th October 2019

$60 Non-refundable


💛 ARTS 12 ~ 2019

10th November 2019

$60 Non-refundable


💛 ARTS 13 ~ 2019

8th December 2019

$60 Non-refundable


We look forward very much to sharing in these AMAZING


We love you all beyond words and it is our complete joy to assist you in your Ascension and Twin Flame Reunion.

Please feel free to send us a message if you have any other questions or inquiries about joining ARTS.


THANK YOU FOR BEING Amazing Magnificent Ascending Beings, WE LOVE YOU! 💛💛



In ARTS we have the precious opportunity to receive amazing guidance from Twin Flames

Bart & Jody to assist us on our Ascension journey. These sessions are super powerful, transformational and full of Love and Joy, where we share together live with other amazing ascending beings from all over the world!  You are welcome!!

Estela Tabernero Perez ~ Spain

ARTS is such an awesome experience!! 

I LOVE how people from around the world are joining in.  That to me is such a dream coming true seeing beautiful people from so many different countries, backgrounds, languages and cultures uniting together in these sessions led with such love and joy by Bart and Jody.  Awesome questions are asked and I can always relate to everything that is asked and when people share we all get it, so the support and love we all feel for each other feels so uniting, its such an equal loving experience and it feels so freeing.  The humour Bart and Jody provoke through their masterful understanding of the ego means I have laughed so hard at myself and each other as we all have more comprehension of how funny our egos are and yet how beautiful too.  Bart and Jody always lead the sessions into beautiful integration and the effect is really potent.  I feel myself shifting in the days that follow and I love reading over my notes on previous ARTS sessions and I always look forward to the next one SO MUCH!!  I have felt such a depth of oneness and love in these sessions, I feel so grateful to be able to participate in them, I love how it gives us all a chance to express and relate and understand and give and listen.  They are precious awakening moments that stay with me and I thank everyone who participates for how awesome you all are and for Bart and Jody who give unlimited genius guidance to us all at once which is just ridiculously amazing.  I LOVE ARTS. 

Claire Fullbright ~ New Zealand/Australia

Yes, what Epic Acceleration of Ascension that ARTS was!!! BJ you are so giving with your guidance of love and it is such a joy beyond words to experience and apply!! You are also so courageous and humble in your leadership and how amazing is that!! I love laughing so much and experiencing the humor of Ascension with everyone in ARTS as well lol!!! It's so inspiring to see everyone loving their Ascension! Love you all!! And thank you so much for ARTS BJ!!! Love You!!

Rob Canali ~ USA

I absolutely LOVE ARTS!! The JOY OF ASCENDING in Unity of our Love with your Guidance, Bart & Jody, is simply profound. Every ARTS I feel Profound Transformation in me, Like I shift in my Conscious awareness and my reality shows that shift too. I see, feel, experience more and more Love, expansion in my reality on an ongoing basis- ARTS after ARTS. INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL TO YOU BJ FOR CREATING ARTS!! Yes, I do see my Ego and yes it does get confronting at times- BUT SO FUCKING WORTH IT!! I would rather see my Ego and integrate it all with the awesome love that we share in our ascension Unity instead of living in the same limitation day after day!! I absolutely Love ARTS and love that it is open to every one who chooses to attend!! LOVE IT!! THANK YOU BEYOND WORDS BJ FOR EVERYTHING!!

Nisha Narang India/Australia

ARTS is an amazing experience :) A place to feel safe and secure being as honest and vulnerable as you want to be. We openly and honestly discuss every kind of experience we have gone through, and everyone is very loving and understanding. A place to really expand your reality through integration and shared compassion. Bart and Jody share their wisdom and understanding of the ego to really help us all wake up.
A beautiful experience.

ARTS has been an amazing experience! It feels great knowing that so many other people are focusing on Ascension and talking about it, together. I love every minute of it! A place of joy and freedom to really talk about the ego and laugh at ourselves. 

Jami Dean Cassidy - Australia

Thank you so much! It really was an Amazing experience today in ARTS!!! 

This was really revealing a lot on how ego works and where I'm still indulging in it. I experienced a lot of shifts within my understanding during this ARTS, and such a clearer and deeper knowing on how I'm creating my reality. It is al about the choice of believing ego or trusting LOVE. And I already knew that. But now I really see it within myself. Where I'm creating from LOVE and where I am still creating from ego. Where I choose expansion and where I still choose limitation.  My passion for my ascension is still expanding more and more, And I really am ready to choose it as my priority now!! All I'll do is for my/our ascension! 

I just LOVE the BLISS, the EXPANSION, the CREATIVITY, the JOY and REALNESS of ASCENSION!! This is who we truly are!! 

So FUCK Suppression!! I WANT TO WAKE UP!! 

And then ego comes up with fear, because I felt so save in my suppressed state!! "Please don't take that away from me."  

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! And I am so grateful for this Ascension Unity experience!! 


Imka Puttemans - Belgium


Thank you, oh wow, it was fucking mind-soul blowing for me, stripping me off from my ego veils. The most transformational ARTS, purging me with tears and making space for new! Thank you, this what I was ready for and needed for my ascension, to wake up and ask myself what I really love, what passion I have for... 

I feel lighter than ever, and just my mind is overwhelmed, some neuropaths got burnt to make new connection, no longer to that bullshit I was believing in!!

Patrycja Bilko - Poland

It was SUPER AWESOME !!! Thank you so much - infinitely grateful!!! 

Stefanie Basttisti ~ Belguim

It was awesome. It was amazing. I really love this ART. I love you BJ for your lovely love 💕I know some time I can’t understand what you say so I want be able to give answer to your question than also you give me your love beyond limit. Thank you very much for your lovely support & love. I really enjoy to give you answer by singing. Love you BJ 💗💗💗 Thank you for your lovely ascension guidance BJ

Daksha Narang ~ India

I found this really profound right after I felt it was just an uplifting sharing but I find it’s bought up so much to process and like stirred up a lot of energy. It was no doubt exactly what I needed to shift a bit deeper. Thank you everyone who was there and part of it.

Sarah Louise Johnson - London UK

Thank you so much for ARTS. 

Thank you BJ for all the wisdom you shared with us, and thank each one of us that participated to allow that wisdom and the transformation. I felt too this ARTS was very precious, raw and potent and it really penetrated deep into my Soul. I keep on remembering and contemplating the things we shared, and my Ego. This sessions really help me see very confronting parts of my Ego, parts that from my Ego I hate, I judged, that keep on repeating again and again, parts that I want to deny...I see my winning/losing ego and my victim in such a strong and clear way that the pain pulls me towards deep integration and new pathways of remembering and feeling the Love that I am. It is spectacular how we all play our parts so perfectly so that each one of us can experience and reflect the many diverse aspects of the One Soul in this Awakening experience together. Thank you all of you for being You and for choosing to share in this Unity for Ascension. I love us all.


Estella Tabernero Perez - Spain

Jody and Bart :-) thank you so infinitely for this unique opportunity you have offered me to come so near my own skin. the ARTS sessions have made me go so much deeper into my awakening reveling veils and veils and making me radically changing my perception into the perception of real love and understanding of my self and life. I am grateful for ever.  

Daad Abdo - Sweden

Sharing in ARTS is absolutely amazing experience. Thanks so much Bart and Jode. The wisdom you have gained, to understand yourselves is so deeply beautiful and I love having you guys in my life to share such deep understanding of my choices and your loving guidance to embrace my choices to awaken to my Ascension. The love we all share together in these sessions is Brilliant. I love how we all share our stories to gain a higher understanding of ourselves. I gain more understanding each time we do this..❤ ❤ LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS ❤ ❤ ❤ I look forward to many more people joining this ARTS. It will be awesome.

Margaret Lovejoy - Australia

I really love the ARTS sessions. It is something I treasure so much. It is such a pleasure and excitement to wake up at 6am to be there with you all. I clearly see how much I have unveiled, released and transformed from these sessions. I love so much the intimacy, joy and respect we all share together. I Feel my real self more than ever when being there with you, I feel my higher plan to awaken in full play when we are together sharing in these sessions, and I fully remember who I am. I have got many answers to most of my inner most personal wonders and doubts about my journey. I would love to have arts everyday, and I am very happy to know that many others will join us. Love you so much!!

Estella Tabernero Perez - Spain



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