The 49Light is the 49th Dimension which is the

Highest Dimension in Existence of the One Soul of Humanity.

It is the Final Dimension of Our Conscious Journey before we return to the Oneness of the Original Source of Love

of which we all came from.

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For the first time since 2005, we, Bart & Jody

once again “Merge” with the 49th Dimension and communicate the most loving enlightening knowledge within our existence. The 49th Dimension is the highest dimension in existence of the One Soul of Humanity. It is the final dimension of our conscious journey before we return to the Oneness of the Original Source of Love

of which we all came from.


Our Twin Flame Reunion 31st October 1998, sparked a massive awakening for us which was like an instant MIRACULOUS ENLIGHTENMENT which can only be described as the MEMORY of ALL TIME.

We knew from the beginning of our reunion that it was our Twin Flame Soul Purpose and Divine Soul Agreement

to guide others to remember The Infinite Being Love.


In November 1999, we both felt a deep and profound calling from within that lead us to an awakening experience where we connected, "Merged" and communicated from a much higher dimensional source of light within ourselves. This source told us that the Light we were receiving was from the 49th Dimension which we now call 49Light.

We discovered, as Twin Flames, we were both the receiver and transmitter of this light and would each

do this “Merging” as we call it.

It is necessary to know that this is NOT channeling, when we are Merge with this 49Light we are completely present and conscious as we have shifted our dimensional focus and know that it is our Self speaking from this

Higher Consciousness that we are.

When we are Merged we are aware that the

49Light can see Everyone’s Whole Existence,

Knows and Loves Everyone Intimately

Beyond Time and Space.


It was through this 49Light that we received and communicated an enormous amount of love and information about our Entire Existence within

the Universe, what it is, what it has been and the

Huge Awakening and Paradise that

All of Humanity will Experience on Earth.


For 5 years we held weekly 49Light Sessions to share this knowledge, until we knew it was time to rest and integrate the huge and vast amount of awakening we received.

It was truly a most loving, amazing, intensely activating, enlightening and awesome experience of which its value is beyond measure. Our music also contains the vibration and messages from this dimension and we are now in constant contact within ourselves with 49Light.  


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We look forward with Great Joy

to sharing the 49Light Session Recordings

with you all.

We love you!! ♥ Thank you. 


Here are some TESTIMONIALS

Some beautiful testimonials on the 49Light Experience. Thank you so much, it is pure joy to share the 49Light with you all.

We love you very much!! 


"Wow!! I just felt so grateful being in the presence of 49Light. When you are connected and speaking from that amazing loving space I felt very honoured to be there and hear all that you had to share. I love how the room instantly filled with so much golden light. I love seeing and feeling that. Your voices were a complete pure expression of love.
I felt my ego so much and I also loved how you showed in the most joyful way how funny the ego is. I went through so many feelings in such a short time. I felt like I was constantly seeing myself. I had so many thoughts and visions in my mind, that came and went so quickly, It felt so speeded up during this time. There were also a lot of moments when I just sat there looking and listening and thinking how deeply privileged I feel to be hearing the truth of my existence. I saw divine love and light. I loved it so much. I loved hearing both the feminine and the masculine side when you are connected to 49Light. It was a beautiful combination of so much love. Thank you for allowing me to ask questions so that I can understand more. My days since this experience have been fill with lots of contemplation of myself.
For this whole experience, I say a huge heartfelt Thankyou. My choice is to wake up and for me to be in your presence and hear you tell me the answers to my existence was so amazing.
I feel that words are not enough to say how I feel, but the gratitude I feel for you both is eternal.
Thank you for waking up an allowing yourselves to connect with this 49Light. You are giving such a beautiful gift in this awakening. You guys shine. You are such amazing loving beings.
From my heart, I love you deeply and eternally. THANK YOU.
Love Marg." - Australia


"What a difficult thing to describe the 49light!

I needed to listen to the recorded session many times as if it was calling me. The experience was very odd because I had never experienced anything similar. Jody´s and bart´s words and presence softly and slowly infiltrated me, filled me, got under my skin. They bypassed my mental and emotional system and reached me in a place I am not usually conscious of. It was not at all breathtaking or aha- bringing, or any kind of shaking understanding. it was much much deeper, deeper than emotions and insights and realizations. The talk had no structure and plan, it was simple, so simple, it was pure. Pure is the word. the wisdom had no bottom, no lines, no shape. Beautiful. "The nothing that is everything" kind of experience. I felt totally NAKED. I felt love gently finding ways to reach my cells. And the joy and humor was so authentic that we constantly laughed from the heart. What a safe and beautiful place. I am infinitely grateful.

  Humor that jokes about ourselves normally makes us laugh because it´s relieving to observe the ego and flirt with it . It is a kind of humility but still in a sort of defense mode in case the joke becomes too revealing or intimate. But Bart´s humor is pure humility because it erases the distance between the observer and the ego and you feel so free laughing because the ego is so pampered and loved that you have nothing to defend. 

Who else but Bart would have the ability to so sweetly and amazingly invent a word such as ”ascended heroes” to flirt with the spiritual ego´s ambitions. We laughed to tears in 49light." 

Daad - Sweden


"I watched the 49Light recording a couple of nights ago. It was a very different experience to have it playing in my lounge room other than actually sitting in with the group though In saying that I still felt like I was there. As I watched the screen I found myself drawn deeper and deeper into it and every now and then I would look around to see where I was and to contemplate where I am.

Over the years I have felt a lot of different things but underlying it all has been a very confused sense of self placement; where am I now?, where should I be now? what am I doing wrong? I have allowed a certain amount of acceptance but the confusion has been a consistent dampener on the choices I have made. Over the last couple of days, since watching the recording, I have felt a deep lightness filling my world to the point where even the darkness I see when I close my eyes has brightened. I now know that where I am in my life is not only perfect but absolutely exact and the excitement that I feel knowing that my awakening is absolute, knowing my journey is constant and in full motion, has triggered a fire of inspiration to follow the path I am creating for myself. One night of listening to the 49Light has clarified what feels like the last 30 years of my life and throughout the night itself I felt a solid alignment of the truth.

Everything the 49Light said pushed my understanding of truth into what feels like a straight line. I remember a lot of what you spoke to me about when I was last able listen to you but the truth that I remember has become tainted, twisted, obscured and at times difficult to fathom. During the recording I could see, I could understand and I could fathom what was being said. I squirmed at times and laughed as well but within that night I experienced such a clarity of reality that the whole world has become a new place that I can enjoy. There were so many moments that I could rave on about but the overall essence of my experience was like standing upon solid ground and embracing those powerful words; "Here I am."

I feel such a deep gratitude for you and the 49Light and I feel an excitement for life that is full and strong.

Thank you for your courage and dedication and loving gift of who you are.

Love Aaron" - Melbourne, Australia.


“49- Light.... I have experienced it twice by now and I am truly grateful for this wonderful soul agreement of Bart and Jody Christy with our one soul of humanity...I can truly say that every time the whole experience recalibrates me to a new level of awareness of my being
So what is difference between channeling and this merging 49 light thing!!! Since I don't do either, I can't really say what is the technical difference. However, from my experience I can say how the feel of both is different.
It's like when child asks for moon, mother while unable to give real moon, shows reflection of moon to the child in water and pretends it to be moon...both child and Mother are happy as child doesn't know the difference between real and reflection and Mother is happy simply seeing child happy..
To me 49 light is real moon and rest all is reflection- appear to be real, feel almost real but not really real....
And why do I feel so! What is so great about it!!! The fact is there is no dogmatic greatness to is simplicity at its finest...real wisdom flows in simple deeper insight to what is happening inside of feels my mind,body, thoughts, my whole existence is lighted and can be seen clearly in and by 49 light....I really feel inspired by these sessions as they inspire me to remember real me...and that is why 49 light is special very very special to me.”
Nisha - India/Australia


"The 49Light is the most beautiful experience I have ever been a part of. It feels incredible to watch Bart & Jody merge with this consciousness. I totally love seeing the beauty and high intelligence and amazing compassion and total understanding and love being shared - being in the room feels so deeply incredible. I absolutely love how its so pure, no show, no act, this is the real amazing higher consciousness we are and that feels pretty mind-blowing to me right now. How amazing it is to be able to talk with the love I am and we are. It feels like I am talking to the part of me that I forgot existed and the feeling of love I have when I start to remember it does exist, feels really extremely beautiful and at times overwhelming, yet completely awesome and raw at the same time. The humour and enjoyment of our journey just becomes so much clearer and how they say things is really, really deep and funny and all of a sudden I see more and more humour in my ego and that feels amazing and it helps me so much to differentiate my ego as the days pass after the event. Its so profound to connect with how I really have been enjoying my ego. To hear them say they will be here more to share more feels such a relief - like this is exactly what I have been waiting for and getting myself ready for and that feels so, so, so beautiful and fills me with contentment and inspiration to keep going. Thank you 49Light and Bart & Jody for being here now and for all you are sharing, I love you.
Love Clairey" - New Zealand/Australia



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