We have a new Band and Website

Ecstasy Of Love

We are so excited that we have formed a NEW BAND called

Ecstasy Of Love.  

Here is our new website link:

We'd love you to come and visit the new website and read all about our new creations and the new band members.

All our music is now available under the name

Ecstasy Of Love and is available on most Digital Download Stores including:

SpotifyApple MusicBandCamp,Youtube Music, ReverbNation


We also have a NEW Ecstasy Of Love YouTube Channel.  

All our music videos are now on this channel and some of them have been upgraded from 720p to 1080p, 


We also have two new music videos "LOVE EVOLUTION" and "SHOW ME" for you to watch.  We would love you to come over to the new channel and subscribe.  


Thank you for all the love and support you have given us here and we look forward to sharing more love and many great videos with you on our new Ecstasy Of Love channel.

We also have New Merch which is available on our Redbubble Merch Store.


Thank you and Infinite Love 

Bart & Jody

PurpleCouch Group 12Sep2020 IMG_4612.jpg